First and foremost we are a service company. This is an important distinction because many of our competitors see themselves as just oil or propane suppliers . Our commitment starts from conceptualizing the project till the operation and maintenance including quick delivery, guaranteed price programs and budget plans.
One of our group company can offer product from Ms IndianOil Corporation Ltd Pure S.R Grade Propane and Butane Gases. It is always high purity, gas field product that has not undergone any thermal cracking and is hence free from any unsaturates what so ever. The product can be used in the most clean combustion operations also without any problems.
The product is brought to terminal locations in dedicated charter vessels and stored separately in cryogenic state. The unique state of art blending equipment at the terminal ensures that any percentage of propane and butane can be obtained to ensure consistent quality of LPG thus generated to the customer in each and every supply. The product is transferred from the terminal to the end user in IOCL ‘s dedicated fleet of tank trucks thereby ensuring that the product reaches to the customer with the same quality of the product it has been filled with. The company ensure consistently high grade of product supplies to its valued customers thereby ensuring efficient combustion at the end user point

We classify our valued customers in two categories:

Commodity Sales
In this the customer owns the gas installation and buys gas on a monthly basis.

Reticulated Sales
In this segment IOCL sets up the installation at the customer premises and delivers the product against long term Supply and Services agreement.

Cylinder Manifold Installation

Vapor Offtake Mode (VOT)

• Clients having higher volumes but space constraints for Bulk tank can be catered
• Off take can be flexible
• Lesser space requirements
• Can work in extreme cold conditions
• No CCOE license required as per bulk storage
• Lesser investment
• Negligible maintenance

Liquid Offtake mode (LOT)

• Clients having higher volumes but space constraints for Bulk tank can be catered
• Off take can be flexible
• Vapor off take system use higher amt of cylinders
• Logistics can be adjusted which is not possible due to min stock in vapor off take
• Lower no of cylinders are connect in LOT system
• While using the conventional vapor take off valves, a small quantity of gas is always left behind in the cylinder (because it cannot be evaporated) and thus when the cylinder is returned by the user to the gas supplier, a small amount of gas remains in the cylinder. Hence, the user suffers a financial loss.
• The provision of LOT valve enables the user to off take the full quantity of the gas).