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  • Q1. What is solar energy?

  • Q2. How do solar photovoltaic cells work?

  • Q3. What is the difference between solar panels versus building integrated photovoltaic products?

  • Q4.How much does a solar electric power system cost?

  • Q5. How much will I really save on my utility bills from a home electric solar power system?

  • Q6. What’s the difference between solar photovoltaic and solar hot water systems?

  • Q7. What are solar hot water systems?

  • Q8. How much maintenance do solar energy panels require?

  • Q9. Can I use a financing system?

  • Q10. When should I seek a solar professional?

  • Q11. What should I ask a solar professional installer?

  • Q12. Why is it important to get multiple bids?

  • Q13. How can I calculate the cost and payback time from a solar power installation?

  • Q14. How long will it take to install a solar power system in my home?

  • Q15. How can nLightenEnergy help me shop for solar?

  • Q16. What components do I need to install a grid-tied solar electric system?

  • Q17. What is a net meter?

  • Q18. Do I need battery backup for my solar panels?

  • Q19. How much space do I need for a solar photovoltaic system?

  • Q20. How many solar panels do I need for an electric solar power system?

  • Q21. How much shading is too much for solar photovoltaic panels?

  • Q22. Do I need to have south facing exposure to have a solar energy system?

  • Q23. What other factors are important to consider when installing a home solar energy system?

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